Thursday, January 8, 2015

What if?

Yes, Charlie.  What if?  Usually when I write a blog piece I use my own photography but I saw this gif sitting on my desktop and it is perfect.  I'm kind of a grump today, but no worries, I'm limiting my interaction in the real world.  My blog would likely have been more in the complaint realm, but there were Charlie and Snoopy doing a happy dance on my desktop and suddenly the world is a different place.  How can I write about grumpy things when I look at the faces of sheer joy?  And of course the question seared my soul, guilt rising up like an Hawaiian volcano.  Yes, Teri, what if you were just grateful for everything today, even your grumpy mood?  I guess that would be called acceptance or forgiveness of self if I could elevate my thoughts to be grateful for my grumpy mood.  I'd be on this pedestal of beatification if not sainthood.  To accept myself wholeheartedly, faults and all and be grateful?  Wow.  I picture myself on the right side of the gif of Charlie and Snoopy, just out of reach of his left hand.  I raise my head and put a smile on my face.  I am ready to dance the happy grateful dance.  How can I resist?                                                                                                                        

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