Saturday, January 19, 2013


     I go through bursts of creativity.  I write and this takes some of the creative edge.  But there are other ideas that I have in the visual arts as well.  I took a class in watercolors and realized I liked to paint in watercolors, even though what I painted did not often look like the subject.  Abstract, I called it, although it wasn’t really so.  It was just that I couldn’t capture the subject exactly as the subject looked using that medium.  Not my forte, even though I loved doing it.  I still will paint from time and time. I often like what I create, but I just know it doesn't look like the inspiration for the painting. That’s okay.  It’s taking something and changing it, my idea of creativity.   I like photography, too, and I’ve finally got a camera that is able to help me capture what my eye sees.  I try to capture the play of light in my compositions.  I also like patterns and textures.  All of the photos in this blog are mine, with that camera that works.
      I’ve done paint by numbers and plaster craft. I’ve painted lamps and figurines and many other things.  I’ve made needlepoint and rugs.  I just thought of a clown I made so many years ago and now, nostalgic, wonder what became of the clown.  My latest burst took me in a new direction.  I wondered how I could recompose the pictures I’d taken by using pieces of them to create a new picture.  The composition on this page is my first try.  I had pictures of roses and pictures of leaves, all taken in the same place, all taken individually.  I cut out the individual roses, I cut out the indivdual leaves and I recombined them to make a bouquet. 
     Life, after all, is recombination, a bouquet to be offered.   A bit of my childhood, through the working years, add the pensive, the reflective, the what I know now with what I knew then.  And sprinkled throughout is this urge to be creative, to tap the wellspring, the font, the bubbler that connects me to the past, to the present, to people, to times.  In all of this and more is the notion of an active fulfilling, fulfilled life.  Anchored in faith and hope.  Filled with love.  Bursts of creativity taken in a myriad of directions.  What will be next?

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