Thursday, January 17, 2013

Water and Writing

     Water.  Flowing water.  Cleanses and carries more than two H’s and an O as it moves along seeking a path.  Sometimes it dredges, sometimes it drops detritus as it churns or trickles onward.  When water ceases to flow it collects in a place, contained.  In a large enough place the appearance of the body of water seems constant.  In a small enough place water changes, it disappears.  Water is not always what it seems.  In the air, under the land, on the land, many forms.  Water symbolizes change.  Rebirth, cleansing, rituals.  Necessary to sustain life. 

           My writing.  Flowing writing.  Stagnant writing.  Ritual writing.  Writing to learn, to know, to find out, to seek.  Writing for me is my constant, whether appearing or disappearing.  Writing is my water.   Necessary to my life.

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